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  • We understand that each company's needs and goals are unique.  We will gather the necessary information to prepare an in-depth analysis of your current benefit program.

  • After the analysis is complete, we will explore options that will meet your employee's needs while focusing on your corporate financial goals.

  • We will provide employee educational seminars to ensure that the benefits selected are understood. 

  •  We will assist employees with additional benefit/financial needs - at no cost to the employee or your company.

  • We will remain your trusted partner and act as a resource for your Human Resources Department.

M. J. Cwik & Associates

Employee Benefit Strategies

    and Financial Services

Additional Services


Through our network of professional resources, we are pleased to offer the following Value Added Services:

  • Payroll and Accounting Services
  • Legal Services
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Commercial Liability Insurance



M.J. Cwik & Associates and My Benefit  Advisor have partnered together to offer employers first class Employee Benefit Consulting and an exceptional array of services including:

  • Advisory Team

  • Open Enrollment Communications

  • Analysis, Strategy and Design

  • Health Care Reform Consulting

  • Proactive Management

  • Compliance Assistance

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Enrollment Services


Even the best Employee Benefits Program is bound to fail if your employees are not fully educated in every aspect of their coverage.  The problem is,  if you are like most employers and offer benefits from several carriers, you must coordinate dates and times for representation from all carriers involved.  Setting up such a meeting can be nerve wracking to say the least.  Here at M.J. Cwik & Associates we offer complete enrollment services for your firm even if we are not your Benefits Broker.  Our Team of professionals can educate your employees with regard to Health, Dental,  and ancillary benefits. We proudly hold the Certified Enrollment Specialist designation.  With affiliates in Greater New York, New Jersey and Florida, we are well equipped to handle multi-location employers.  Please call us today for additional information.

Our Pledge


We understand that you can work with a number of Benefit Firms .  While any Benefit Consultant can proclaim themselves as an "industry leader" or boast a "unique approach"  to managing your benefits, at the end of the day, it is the results that matter. We Pledge to always offer honest, unbiased advice based on your needs and not our financial gain.  We Pledge to provide quality service that you can count on.  We Pledge to always conduct business according to our core values - earning your trust and developing  lasting relationships.